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Anonymous asked: I know this has nothing to do with Dan's style, but what do you think about the changes to Dan and Phil's radio show?


First of all, I don’t know how the bbc agreed with having inexperienced people every week doing a show by themselves…
I had mixed feeling when I saw the post on facebook, but if they need time for doing other things okay. I just hope they’re not making some mistake as their radio career was going well and this new show might change things a little.
I just care that things stay great for them, and let’s see how this new show goes :)

And it’s another youtuber taking over thingy that will probably go wrong tbh.

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Anonymous asked: would you rather be left in inhabited island with Dan Howell or Jack Howard ?


Haha the greatest question I’ve ever had! Errrmmmmm can I have some more specifics for this? How long are we there for? Is there food and shelter?? What’s the weather like etc? xxx

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Anonymous asked: So an inhabited island with great weather; a little windy, mostly sunny but sometimes a bit cloudy too, for 7 months. There will be food, but not that much and you need to share and catch fish or other animals. You won't have a house at first, but Dan/Jack will build you one! So, who will be your survivor guy?


Choosing Jack because -

-We’re VERY similar so after the initial panic (and awful grumpiness) of being stuck on an island, we’d get on fine and probably have lots of lols.

-He’d manage without the internet and I fear for Dan without wifi.

-He’s quite tidy so wouldn’t mess the hut up (that I’d have to build).

-Phil would miss Dan too much so would be mean to choose him.